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🔥🔥Fiberglass Boat Repair Paste

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Scratches on the roadside/Nail scratches on car doors/Deliberate scratching by a naughty child

Does your car suffer from any of these problems?
Do you take them seriously?

Don't worry, Repair Paste is the answer to your problems


  • Dent repair: for the repair of scratches, dents and gouges
  • Curing and fast drying: good raw materials for excellent new quality
  • Easy to use: small, portable and easy to handle



  • Basic treatment - First, use 320# sandpaper to polish the depressions and scratches, polishing area must be slightly larger than the depressions or scratches, and then wipe off the dust with a clean cloth.
  • Soil filling - Squeeze out the right amount of filler, scrape on with a small scraper, scrape on the filler should be a thin layer, not thick, thick may not dry. Because of the filler soil curing dry quickly, do not use the scraper to scrape back and forth repeatedly to avoid coating hair, cracking and falling off. Warm warning tip: the patching soil is only applicable to the scratch and sandpaper below 0.5mm, please use atomic ash to fill and sand well before using the patching soil.
  • Clay grinding - After 1 hour or so, use 400#~1000# sandpaper with water to polish smoothly. If there are still bubbles or small scratches after grinding, repeat steps 2-3. Repeat steps 2-3, and after finishing, use 2000# sandpaper with water to smooth the whole repair area.
  • Finishing sanding - Finish with 2000# sandpaper with water to sand the whole repair area smoothly. Then finish with top coat.



  • For applications other than automotive refinishing, the product should be tested first;
  • Consider the ventilation of the construction site;
  • If applied too thickly, the interior may not dry, so please control the thickness of application within 1mm;
  • The used tools should be cleaned up in time for the next use.


  • Net Content: 20g
  • Material: Synthetic resin + pigment + filler


  • 1/3/10 PCS * Boat Repair Paste


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